How Coffee Affects Your Thyroid

Are you a coffee drinker? Make your way past any of the big coffee chains in the morning and you will see that there are a lot of people out there who can’t make it to work without stopping for a cup of the good stuff.

Besides the fact that so many of the “fancy” coffee drinks, such as the frosty mochas and the caramel lattes, are usually full of dairy and sugar, what about the caffeine? Is drinking coffee bad for your thyroid?

How Drinking Coffee Impacts Your Thyroid 

For those who are currently taking prescription thyroid medication, you may want to look into absorption issues. There have been many studies about the impact of coffee on thyroid hormone absorption.

Most bottles of thyroid medication come from the pharmacy with a statement that the pills should be taken on an empty stomach. For those who wake up and drink their cup o’ joe as their thyroid medicine tries to kick in before they eat breakfast… well, it’s probably not happening like it’s supposed to.

Researchers are finding that those who consume coffee first thing in the morning with their thyroid medication will test at significantly higher TSH levels than those who wait 60 minutes before taking that first sip.

Should You Give Up Coffee? 

Should you give up coffee entirely? Let’s just say that there are better beverages out there that you could be consuming. But, one cup of coffee in the morning should be just fine. We know it’s good and that a lot of people have had it as part of their daily routine for many years.

However… this cup of coffee should not include dairy or sugar. Let those things go. Instead, opt for coconut milk/creamer or almond milk/creamer instead. Or, just drink it black.

Ideas for Coffee Alternatives

You know, it is hard to give up habits we have had for a long time or create new, healthy ones. But if you are interested, you can always consider looking for a coffee alternative that may prove to be more beneficial.

  • Herbal teas are a great option – and there are many different teas to choose from.
  • Warm (or hot) lemon water can surprisingly wake you up. And it may help your digestion system, too.
  • Raw juice is another idea. Why not get yourself a juicer and try making all sorts of new juice creations? There are tons of recipes online for great-tasting and healthy combinations. Though you can’t beat the benefits and jolt of energy you will receive from fresh green juice first thing in the morning.

Whether you want to get rid of coffee entirely or just switch it out for a couple of days a week – the choice is yours. Just remember – one cup in the morning, no dairy or sugar.

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