Success Stories

Stuart Florida thyroid doctor, Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC has over 32 years of helping people with difficult thyroid conditions. Below are just a few success stories of patients he's been able to help.

I would recommend Dr. Hansbrough for anyone with an autoimmune disease, or for anyone looking for a health coach to help them improve their general state of wellness. I've had hypothyroid issues for several years and started to feel that my general health was declining. I didn't understand what was going on. I felt like it might have something to do with my diet, because I often felt worse after eating, even though I always tried to eat healthy things. I found Dr. Hansbrough after a web search. He is very knowledgeable about functional medicine breakthroughs in the area of autoimmune diseases, something my general M.D. seems completely unfamiliar with. I entered into Dr. Hansbrough's 6-month program and he and his staff guided me through a thorough detox/cleansing to address gut and digestion issues that are at the root (or at least close to the root) of my autoimmune issues. They also helped me complete a major diet overhaul. I would never have been able to accomplish the detox and changes to my diet without the guidance and support of the Hansbrough team. I am also on a supplement program that helps to address issues that were identified as a result of detailed lab testing. On top of all this, Dr. Hansbrough is trained in functional neurology, so that he addresses brain balance and other brain functions that can supplement the metabolic focus to give you a better chance at significant all-round improvement. I did almost all of the program far away from Stuart, so my consultations were over the phone or via email. It's even better if you are in Stuart and can go into the office frequently to take advantage of the facilities there. The program is not inexpensive, but it is well worth the investment in my opinion and is comparable to what other skilled and experienced practitioners of functional medicine charge for similar services.

Amy S. via

I am so grateful to be a patient of Dr.Hansbrough. He makes me feel like a person, not a paycheck, unlike most doctor's nowadays. His staff is so warm and welcoming. Since I have started his program, I have less stress, I feel more relaxed, and I feel great in general. More doctors need to learn from him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I can not put enough emphasis on how great his staff and he is. Literally, I look forward to my visits. A million Thanks =) You guys are the best!!!!

Natasha Corona

Our program ends in April. He has done so much for us. No matter what issue we have, he can fix it olmost immediately. We have become so dependent on him that as a snowbird going home in May, what will i do without him. The girls that work in the office are amazing as well. They too are so knowledgable. It has been a most wonderful experience.

Rhonda Daugherty

I had the best experience working with Doc. Hansbrough, I have had digestive problems dealing with loads of pain ever since a car accident leaving me with a spinal cord injury..I did a 21 day detox and allergy to food tests which gave me knowledge and answers to things I had been trying to figure out for a long time. I have more energy then I have had in 12 years and feel better then ever, so much of my pain was from food I was eating. I am so grateful...and is the best thing I could have done, wish I had done it sooner......

Kristy First

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