Chronic Pain Therapy/Treatment

For those who have experienced the crushing weight of chronic pain, dogging you day after day and never letting up, there is a solution you may have never heard of. You found this page because I want to offer you somethingother than risky and ineffective epidural spinal injections, addictive narcotic prescription drugs, or last resort surgery.

Please understand, I am good friends with a number of spine surgeons, and the really good ones will tell you to avoid surgery whenever you can. They’ll only operate on those who really need it, and the really good pain managementdocs don’t want to get people hooked, either. But let’s face it, they can’t rehabilitate you, because they can’t get to the root of your problem!

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of chronic pain. They may be associated with symptoms of fibromyalgia, migraine, peripheral neuropathy or back pain. One of the most common reasons for doctor visits for chronic pain is sciatica, or auto accident injuries that caused whiplash, which can produce arm pain, headache, neck pain, vertigo and balance disorders.

Treatment for chronic pain that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery, and is quite effective most of the time includes a combination of gently applied chiropractic adjustments, massage, spinal decompression and physical therapy. Very often, chronic pain becomes a habitual memory embedded in the brain, called an engram. How does this happen?

Therapy for chronic pain has to focus on the cause as I said above. This means the doctor has to understand how the brain and the nervous system records the memory of the pain and perpetuates it, even when there is no outward sign of damage, such as in the case of symptoms of fibromyalgia or the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

So here’s how it works: Let’s say you have chronic foot pain or arm pain, whatever the diagnosis might be. If the pain lasts longer than a few weeks, even when there is no fracture, you could have a nerve injury that won’t show up on a standard test like an EMG or NCV. It’s below the radar, but you know it hurts. The signals that the brain picks up, if persistent enough, will become “habituated”, or memorized. Once that process sets in, the pain can then be re-experienced by the brain as a memory, even when the nerve heals. Sometimes, this can result in “reflex sympathetic dystrophy” or RSDin the more severe form, or “sympathetic dysfunction” in a lesser form. Either way, it hurts, and something has to be done. The trick is to erase the brain’s memory, because the brain has now developed an imbalance.

Brain Balance Therapy is a form of treatment performed by Chiropractic Neurologists, and that’s what I do. In addition to the unique form of care that chiropractic physicians can provide, I also practice as a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist. My thirty years of experience, and my continuing education in this field afford me the ability to balance your brain through gentle stimulation methods, focusing on increasing the firing capacity of weak areas of the brain, and calming down over firing regions. In this way, we can balance the brain and reduce or erase the memory of the pain. You may also have a biochemical imbalance that requires correction through nutraceutical or botanical/herbal remedies. If you do, it can complicate your chronic pain syndrome. We can get to the bottom of that through blood, urine and saliva testing, and balance your biochemistry.

Watch the video for more information, and look at the testimonials to see the results. To schedule a consultation with me, call (772) 287-7701.

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